Sunday, 11 December 2011

WLJR: Sands End (Part 5): The End

 Left end of the layout with the tracks for the goods shed and the coal line and the main line exit to the fiddle yard.

Middle left showing the mileage yard and the main junction for all the yard entrances.

Middle right with the entry to the mileage yard with the unbuilt turntable and loco shed lines.

Far right end showing the exit to the fiddle yard with the both the back and front yard leads.

An overall view looking along the layout.

How it all began...

... with a few wagons and locomotive put down to see how it all fitted together. How it all ended...

... with a bit of a whimper. Either way, end of the line for Sands End.


  1. Sad to see WLJR go after all your efforts but I do realise that ones ideas and aspirations change.

  2. I realise I was trying to build a layout that would not fit the space that I had, and as a result would not be operable in any meaningful sense of the word i.e: more than just running up and down the fixed track.