Friday, 28 December 2012

Farewell to the Old, Welcome New & Shiny

Not been posting much here of late. Lots of good reasons for that state of affairs, but now I have something I want to show you, which you can see above. This is a prototype axle hung motor for H0 and 4mm scale models of trams, trolley cars, EMUs etc. project that I have been driving.

They will be available to buy later in the New Year, further information on this will be announced as and when we have finalised the details. Don't expect these to be cheap, as they are bespoke, small run items that are hand assembled.

Test runs show that one power bogies will be adequate to power a car and trailer, assuming that the trailer is free rolling i.e.: pin-point bearings and not weighted to sink the Titanic. I will post a picture of an assembled bogie/truck in the New Year, but just wanted to give you all a taste of something that quite excites me.

So, let me finish this blog post by wishing you all a Happy New Year.