Saturday, 10 December 2011

Baseboards Have Arrived

I ordered three bespoke made baseboards from Model Railway Solutions Who I can't recommend too highly. They were lovely to deal with, very quick and made the boards to my exact specifications.

Anyway, the boards for my new Lower Yard project (current interim name until I think of something better), which arrived on Friday. Given that I had to tidy up the old baseboards, have a couple of extra shelves put up, so as to be able to put all the stuff that was on the layout elsewhere (always a bad sign when a project starts getting used for storage), and it has taken until this evening to unwrap and install the new boards.

The three boards came in two parcels and here are the two smaller end boards packed together.

The middle board is quite a bit longer, so was wrapped separately. Susan obligingly held the baseboards to show the size.

And here is an overall view of how the three boards fit up against one wall of my flat, apartment or condo for my American readers. There were a couple of problems resulting from the fact that the flat is not square and the baseboards are, but one was easy enough to rectify, and the other will dealt with in due course.

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  1. Why not build your own? Must be considerably cheaper.