Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm Okay, Im Writing a Novel

I had an email from one of my MRR friends this week inquiring if I was okay and what has been happening to me?

The answer in general is I'm okay and I'm very busy writing my second novel.  Not that the first one is published.  In fact it still needs a second draft rewrite to tidy it up, but my plan is to learn how to write novels by writing novels, because practice makes perfect.  The detail are to write everyday, for definitions that means Monday to Friday, and just write for a year.

At the moment I'm averaging around a thousand words a day and the first draft of my first novel stands at 94,000 words and the first draft of my second novel has 57,000 words is still a work in progress.  Been rather focused on writing to exclusion of all else, but I have been looking at Burnham Yard and starting to think about doing something, which is called procrastination.

So no updates on the under floor drives, or modelling in general.  So you all have to make do with a picture of me in the cab of an EMD FA diesel taken a few years ago when I was last over in California.