Friday, 2 December 2011

American Electric Glamour

My new American HO project starts here...

... with the acquisition of a Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Electroliner set from Con-Cor Models.

 For me these passenger car sets epitomize the age of the American streamliner, standing alongside other beautiful trains of the time, like for instance the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight.

As you can see the four car set is articulated and the intervening cars pivot around one truck that they share their ride on.

This was an impulsive eBay purchase that has led me back to American modelling and acquiring some second hand Suydam North Shore interurbans as well. I will post pictures of them in due course. Just thought I would tease things out a bit first.


  1. That is a beautiful model. In my mind Con-Cor have got the colors right.
    The North Shore Line Line was a great ride, fast and exciting, especially on a summer day in a 700 car with windows open.


  2. I have to wonder though why the CNS&M didn't paint the 700 series cars in the same livery, or at least use it on the rebuilt "Silverliners"?

  3. No way! No other CNS&M interurban cars should be allowed to wear such a stunning and unique paint scheme that was meant for the Electroliner trainsets. If the powers that by allowed that famous blue/green and salmon red paint scheme to be spread around to other CNS&M rail cars, it would cheapen the Electroliner trainset's aesthetic appearance. That splendid paint scheme was designed just for them.

    Let's not steal the Electroliner's thunder, keep 'em unique. :)

  4. You are of course right. I'll wash my mouth out now with soap :-)