Saturday, 31 December 2011

Burnham Yard Track Laying 6

Yesterday was the kind of day that you end up doing a lot of work and not having much to show for it. I spent the day tidying up rail joins so that freight cars wouldn't derail. Very important that if you want to have a reliable running layout to enjoy operating.

However, today I have spent my time working on the railroad and have made satisfactory progress. And given that this is New Years Eve I thought it would be good to post early what I did today, because tomorrow is a rest day. Well a recovery day from the excesses of partying tonight.

South end of the layout showing the last of the yard turnouts in place.

Looking North past the arrival/departure line and leads to the team tracks.

The North end showing all the freight cars I have that are running, which includes six new cars I got over the Xmas period, three of which need replacement Kadee 58 couplers, as well as NWSL Code-88 wheels to be ready for service.

Enjoy, and while I don't expect to get a lot done tomorrow, I do expect to finish laying the final bits of track by Monday evening.

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