Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Burnham Yard Track Laying 2

Didn't do any modelling on Xmas day as I was far too busy indulging myself watching Kung Fu Panda, Monsters & Aliens, and the Dr Who Xmas special. In between all of that excitement saw the Queen's speech, had Top of the Pops on in the background, and was reading/browsing the photographs of my latest interurban book The L by Bruce Moffat. Followed by the main event of the day a roast goose with all the trimmings, and a 1995 St. Emilion. Followed by Xmas pudding and a glass of Taylor's 1999 vintage port.

Boxing Day was almost as lazy, as we got up late, reading in bed in the morning and all I managed to do was solder up some droppers on some track.

Looking like little bug legs waving in the air.

You are walking down a road and you see a turtle on its back...

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