Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Burnham Yard Track Laying 3

Another busy day with social commitments, so again didn't get as much done as I would like, but did manage to lay down four turnouts and two yards of track.

Surprising how long it takes to lay four turnouts and lay the two team tracks down parallel to each other. This morning the post brought the much needed extra turnout and crossing that I needed to be able to connect the reversing loop to the incoming line.

As can be seen fitting the crossing together will require a certain amount of cutting back of the Shinohara track to get it all to fit.

Finally, a picture of my Godson and his sister playing with his Hornby trains set in the dining room. His Dad made the board for him and it is now hinged to the wall so it is easier for him to  play with . A temporary location, as I understand the plan is to have his layout in the play room.

More tomorrow. Enjoy.

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