Sunday, 11 December 2011

WLJR: Sands End (Part 4)

Continuing on from last time. Here is a shot of me laying out the Woodland Scenic track foam base for the goods depot and coal line for Sands End.

Here is the track being built, which I showed in the last post, but now including the cross-over and the three siding that will make up the mileage yard.

The adjoining middle board junction is here showing how the turnouts relate to the mileage yard throat and the lead tracks to the turntable that I planned on having.

Here is view looking from the East end towards the West end of the layout in the far distance showing the progress I had made.

And now looking from the East end towards the West. The piece of track suspended over the middle here represents where I planned to put a road bridge.

Here is a view looking at the mileage yard giving an idea of the capacity.

And here is a shot of my GWR pannier converted to P4 with Ultrascale drop-in wheelsets pulling a string of coal trucks from the coal line.

My Cambrian SR 25ton Pill Box brake van rebuild that appears on the CLAG site with a Bullied Q1 Austerity 0-6-0 good engine that I have converted to P4 with Alan Gibson wheels to P4.

The final part to come in due course.

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