Franklin West Chicago: Burnham Yard

This is my HO scale home model railroad homage to the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad set circa 1959 inspired by buying Con Cor's model an Electroliner, and this picture on the cover of a Morning Sun book.

The location I've chosen for my layout, North Franklin St. & West Chicago Avenue is real, but the interchange yard I'm building is a  fictitious "what if"? The name Burnham Yard is an allusion to the Chicago architect Daniel Burnham who planned the rebuilding of Chicago.

The design of my interchange yard is inspired by this photograph (taken from the Chicago L Org site, used here for reference only, all rights belonging to the owners).

So hopefully what you can see from in these  shots should give you an idea of what I'm aspiring to achieve. And here's is a Google map image of the area I've chosen to set Burnham yard in.

And here is a diagram of the layout proportioned to the map for comparison. The straw yellow colour represents the baseboards, the rectangular orange box is an intrusion into the room, while the buildings are represented by khaki brown shapes. The white areas with squares are twelve inch gridlines (slightly revised plan that simplifies the elevated section).

The grey areas represent roads, with West Chicago Avenue running vertically on the left hand side of the drawing. The road at the bottom of the picture running horizontally in North Franklin St. The far right hand vertical running road is West Oak St. While the road at the top represents North Orleans St.

The four roads crossing the tracks on the layout are from left to right, West Institute Place, West Chestnut St., West Locust St, and West Walton St. (formerly known as West Whiting St., when this changed I don't know).