Tuesday, 13 December 2011

CNS&M 737 to 751: Pullman Built Cars

This was an eBay purchase that was rescued by me and was in dire need of refurbishment.

The paint was at best rather tired.

At worst it could be described as rather tatty and the brass was tarnished.

First thing was to strip the paint using a product called Nitromors, a cellulose paint stripper available in the UK that works rather well. Literally it took the paint off in seconds. I then polished the tarnished brass using a glass fibre pen.

Then primed, painted the red first, masked and applied the green, followed by another mask for the black. Minor touch up work still to be done.

I'm now looking at a re-power solution to replace the massive Pittman 5 pole motor that intrudes into the passenger space.


  1. You could look here for replacement drives for this car: http://www.hollywoodfoundry.com

    You might want to look at the Gozunder.

    Another way would be to use one of the Tenshodo self-contained power trucks, however, I don't know where to get these as I haven't used or purchased one since the mid-1980's although they might be available in the U.K. from one of the larger model railroad suppliers.

    Greg Melby
    Seattle, WA.

  2. I've looked at Hollywood Foundry and they are certainly an option I have thought about. However, I've been talking to Mousa Models and Bill is working on a custom etch for me.