Saturday, 4 February 2012

Second Stage Wiring

Spent this afternoon getting the bus bars for the centre baseboard connected and sorting out various blocks for frogs and the reversing loop.

Above is a picture of the main central baseboard. From left to right you can see the connector block for the frog, which is going to be sorted out with a hex frog juicer. In the middle and to the right are the two bus bars made from halogen lighting neutral bars available from electrical stores.

So everything is screwed together, and no hot solder dropping on yours truly as she wires this all up.

Above is a picture of the left hand baseboard showing on the left hand side the frog block and on the right the connector block for the reversing loop. Not yet done the bus bars. I tested the wiring and so far no shorts from the cable runs, but all the turnout are shorting when the blades are switched over from straight. Puzzled at this point. Partner, electronics design engineer, is looking into it for me. I fear I may have damaged something when soldering the droppers on.
I'll be glad when this stage of the layout is finished and I can get back to building models.

NB: Sorted the short out on the turnouts. It took about an hour and a half of head scratching and using a multimeter, but in the end it was simple to solve. I had wired in a short by pairing up turnout frogs. Doh!

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