Friday, 24 February 2012

CNS&M 250: Jewett Built Combines

I rescued this model from eBay. It is a Suydam CNS&M combine car. The paint scheme is all kinds of wrong  for this post war scheme, while the number is just plain wrong. The more Eagle eyed of you will note that this model sits too high on its bogies. In fact all the Suydam North Shore cars do. The giveaway is that one could mount Kadee couplers on them and that they would be at about the right height to couple up to freight cars. The real cars couldn't do this as the coupler was lower, so when they were being transported from the builders they had to be jacked up to match standard railroad coupler height.

Anyways, the North Shore has seven combine cars numbered 250 to 256. Number 251 was rebuilt into a Silverliner car in 1953, while car #255 vacillated back and forth over years having its seats removed so that it could carry extra baggage on trains transporting sailors to the USN base, to having them reinstalled during WW2, only to for them removed again after the war.

The other four cars had their baggage area extended by removing seats, not two alike it seem, again for accommodating sailors baggage, while #256 remained as built.

So the plan is to put her into the stripper, rebuild the drive using parts I've commissioned from Mousa Models, which will lower all the cars to the correct height, and then repaint her as #256 in the post war red and green scheme.


  1. Hi!

    you seem the same problem as I have, Suydam cars!

    I´m building CNS&M a layout set in the 50´s and I have bought some Suydam cars. They are nice considering the are 40 years old most of them! But on the other hand, they also need some TLC to run and look good.

    I always wanted to put new(modern)motors in them and lower the car. Since they have 4 motors in real life, why not 4 axle drive?!

    Can you share the solution you have going by Mousa Models?

    looking forward to read and contrbute to your blog.

    1. If all goes well with the prototypes then I will be do a small run of them and will notify the lists and make an announcement on here too. We are still at the design stage, and being held up by a lack of appropriate wheels, on back order as we speak.

      The drive will power one bogies and allow the model to have a full interior.