Monday, 27 February 2012

Chestnut Warehouse

Yesterday I didn't feel like working on track, or freight cars, but wanted to do something about the buildings on my layout. So the afternoon was spent cutting apart and re-assembling a Walthers kit on the fly. Not even a back of an envelope drawing, I just winged it.

It has to be said that this kit was originally bought for my P&SR project, got reassigned, and worked on for my Sands End project (click on the link and scroll down to the picture of the Walthers Tire Plant kit to see what I did before).  

First thing I did was re-assemble the walls that I had cut out for the goods shed entrance. I then assembled up one corner of the building, as can be seen above.

I knew that the I had to shorten the overall length, and it was just a matter of where to do so. I cut one set of bays off the long wall.

I then used the piece I'd cut off as the end wall to the left hand side of the building. I added the roof from the original kit, though I had to modify one piece, and it will require a further piece to make up the width shortfall. The back of this building will be made out of Kappa board (a foam cardboard composite material available from art shops).

So this is as far as I got with Chestnut Warehouse my Burnham Yard project on one Sunday afternoon. Ironically, I'm having to rebuild parts I modified the first time around, but waste not, want not.

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