Sunday, 5 February 2012

Seven Pillars of Model Rail Wisdom

On the Model Railroader forums there was a post about the three pillars of model railways. I thought to myself, surely you must mean seven, as I immediately thought of T. S. Lawrence, whose book, part autobiography, and part novel sprang to mind?

So what do I think the seven pillars are?

First a desire to build a layout I guess, because without that you wouldn't get anything done.

Second the money to spend, as no hobby is without cost, and it seems to me that desire and money make for a potent combination.

Third would be time, because without time nothing will get done.

Fourthly space to build, or set up your layout, which should be easy enough if you have enough money, but harder if you don't.

Fifth a plan, as it is always good to have a plan, and it is always good when a plan comes together.

Sixth, patience, as without this one is going to become frustrated by the time it takes to achieve your goal, because even with more money it still takes time to have things built for you.

The seventh pillar would be the ability to learn from your mistakes, because you will make them. They will cost you time, money, involve changing your plans, finding that you need more space, which will sorely try your patience and test your desire.

No wonder so few layouts actually get built.

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