Thursday, 26 January 2012

Freight Car Roster 3

I sat down and made up a grid of freight cars for Burnham Yard based on the figures I extracted from looking at the photographs I had to hand. And I now have a copy Interurban to Milwaukee, CERA Bulletin 106, which arrived today. I shall look through it and probably be able to add some more freight cars numbers from the photographs. Fingers crossed.

Also, geek that I am, I've been making notes on freight car emblems and will therefore be able to go back and classify the identities of cars from blurred photographs, which I couldn't do on my first run through. From this I have created a grid of freight cars for my layout.

Note: BHFC is bulk head flat car, other covers stock cars, as I have one.

Obviously, this table is not written in stone and is subject to amendments, if a shiny new freight car take my fancy. Also, not included are tank cars and reefers, which I will add according to what I have in combination with the national freight car distribution figures.

Freight cars really epitomise why I chose the title for this blog, because this really is an opportunity to have no two alike.

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