Monday, 27 February 2012

Marking the Roads Out

This is the longest train I can handle on my arrival and departure track. The presence of one longer car not making any real difference to the overall length of the train that can be handled. In fact there is just enough room for two 50 foot cars in a consist of this length. However the important point is that I can handle five car trains with ease, as this is the standard length of trains that I intend to run, which matches most of the shots I have of North Shore freight trains.

Since the above photograph was taken I've been marking out where the roads go on the layout. I've shifted them slightly from the plan, a couple of inches left of where I thought, as it fits the physical location of the track better in my mind. Marking the off staging come reversing loop and scenic background area of the layout we see below West Institute Place.

The next picture pans right to look across West Chestnut St., and the newly built Chestnut Warehouse (provisional name) is standing in the background dominating the space.

Moving the camera viewpoint further to the right brings us to West Locust Street and the edge of the team tracks with Walton/Whiting crossing them.

Finally, Walton/Whiting bisecting the North end of the layout and the team tracks, which is going to make operating this quite interesting.

Onwards and upwards as they say.

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