Sunday, 12 February 2012

LMS Brake Van chassis build

This project started as a request by me for an etched replacement chassis for the Hornby LMS Stanier brake van.

I had a drawing of what I thought was the right brake van, which was produced to use the etc. I started by separating the solebars, their overlays and the foot boards from the etch.

I used super glue to assemble. Rinse and repeat for the other side and then remove the floor from the etch.

Fold up various bits and glue together.

Admire the neatness and I then placed one of the two Hornby Stanier brake van bodies I had on the chassis to test the height of the buffers, which are Bachmann sprung buffers that are just right..

I then added the brake gear and connecting rodding and prepared the lower foot board for attachment.

Side view all looking pretty hunky-bunky to me.

First signs of trouble ahead came when I started looking at attaching the lower foot boards. I ended up making up this strap hangers from staples.

I then soldered them onto the lower foot board. and afterwards glued plastic strip to thicken the foot boards as i thought at the time that they looked too thin.

It all went Pete Tong- wrong...

So I stripped my model down and soldered the fabricated hangers to etched angle parts that were supposed to run down the front facing of the solebars.

Difficult to describe, but it also meant that I had to solder the solebars and overlays with the top foot boards all together as one piece.

Finally, everything rebuilt. This chassis was made using a combination of gluing and soldering the etches together, which worked quite well, once I ironed out the assembly sequence.

An end shot, cruelly enlarged showing finished product.

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