Friday, 6 January 2012

CNS&M 459: Part 1

Ah the big Alligator. A signature locomotive for a North Shore layout set from 1948 onwards.

Some bits need re-soldering, and as you can see this locomotive is articulated for sharp curves

I also need to add poles too. I've also noticed that fitting the coupler is going to require some thought. Looking at this picture I think that I'm going to replace all the handrail knobs as they look far too fat, especially the ones on the hood.


  1. Jeepers. That looks like a bit of a beast. I can imagine it coming out from the gloom under the elevated section with the 'Jaws' theme playing in the background.... what'sher footprint in HO scale?

    With regard to her smaller sibling, you'll maybe have seen this slide:

    ...the seller has other North Shore slides...

  2. I hadn't seen that slide and it does look like it has a lot of detail on it, which would make it useful for making a model of #454. thanks for the link.

    I'll post some pictures of #459 along with #450, #452 etc. for a size comparison. However, in someways, it's not as big as it looks.