Thursday, 26 January 2012

Burnham Yard Road Further Revisions

I've been working on the railroad, and while doing so was looking at how I was going to treat the transition of the track through the return loop staging. As a result I started looking at the maps of the area I have from Google and realising that I had made a mistake with the orientation of the street blocks. That is I had set them with the longest side facing the baseboard edge, whereas in fact they should have been orientated with the shortest length to the front of the layout.

I also realised that given the location of the layout, in a square between Franklin, Orleans, Oak and Chicago that I would not have a North to South road running on the layout. So I got the big ruler out and my tape measure and looked at what had to be done to rectify this mistake?

As can be seen from the above picture the result is that it has become easier for me to transition the tracks through the return loop staging. The road to the far left of this picture is only on the drawing for reference to the real location in Chicago, as it represents West Institute Place. 

On the layout we have West Chestnut Street, West Locust Street, and depending on the finding out the date the name was changed, West Whiting/Walton Street. To the right, off board, would be Oak Street, and to the left, off board, would be West Chicago Avenue. Franklin Street would run across the front of the layout if I had room, and North Orleans Street would be at the back of the baseboard.

With the upper level elevated track the plan now looks like this.

I'm thinking about using the Micro-Engineering street viaduct, but I have found another dealer who does laser cut Chicago elevated structures in peel and stick wood. I will have to find out more from people who know more than me.


  1. Hi,

    I don't know much about these things, but your modifications make a lot more sense. The removal of the lateral street would certainly ease the amount of time that road vehicles would be held up. It all looks good to me (they say that ignorance is bliss.... which probably explains my happiness....)

  2. If only ignorance was bliss. Keeping it real, given the caveat that it is entirely a fictitious location, helps me to to keep my head straight and not go on some whimsical journey and create a Disney version of Chicago.

  3. Ah.. and there was me thinking that Mickey Mouse railways were the sole domain of Arriva Trains...

    Yes.. it's good not to go outside the box of logic, but there's a definite place for "it's my railway, and I'll run what I want!". Keep on keeping on....