Monday, 2 January 2012

Burnham Yard Track Laying 8

Well it took me a couple of days longer than I intended to take, but here it is all done. For definitions of all done that mean that there are still tons of things left to do. Like for instance making up the wiring harness and testing it, before one even begins to start working on the scenic side of things.

Below is the finished crossing complex with a tank car in one of the small off stage industry spurs. The short track off the turnout by the tank car represent the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin RR junction, which I managed to squeeze in, and it looks like I might be able to make another return loop to connect up to the front Chicago, South Shore & South Bend RR junction so that I can use it as a staging loop for both roads.

Next is a shot looking at the staging area showing the storage for half a dozen freight cars.

At the other end of the layout is from left to right, the mainline that will eventually lead off into hidden staging, the RIP track, and the REA and team track, with the yard lead and caboose track at the front.

Finally, an overall view showing a train on the arrival/departure track, the yard throat and in the background three freight cars are sitting on an industrial spur that comes off the crossing complex.

I've enjoyed making my Xmas project as it has been very rewarding and most satisfying to build. It has restored my confidence in my model making abilities.

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