Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spraying Track

I spent about five hours disassembling the baseboards, pulling then into the bathroom, spraying the track a combination of dirt brown with random black, cleaning the bathroom top to bottom, and then cleaning the track. After which I was able to reassemble the baseboards, and putting back in the linking track that crosses the joints.

I've also extended the front baseboard edge to take account of the over hang of the track on the second outer  staging loop. As you see the Walthers building I modified earlier will hide the transition from layout to staging, without piercing a backdrop, as there is no backdrop. I think this is quite cunning arrangement  in its own way.

The plan is to make another store front building to go alongside this one, but facing the front of the layout. Due to the layout of the room's furniture, one does not need to have an obstruction to hide the staging track, as from all normal operational positions you will not be aware of the staging loop.

Looking from a position that only my camera can reach, one can be see here a shot from the staging loop. It also shows how painting the track conceals how the track crosses the baseboards joints, which can be seen as a white line crossing left to right in the above picture.

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