Sunday, 20 May 2012

100 Posts Already

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Well doggone it's not that 100 is a particularly significant number per se, but still 100 posts in eight months is not bad going, for this type of blog. So where am I today? As I'm writing this, you are reading it in my future, and my past, so the answer as to where I am is relative to time & space.

Anyhow, the layout progresses. I find myself thinking about doing one thing and end up doing something else. For instance I keep switching between doing freight cars, see my accidental weathering comment last time, to working on the track. In this case I've painted the track with rail rust using a Floquil pen device, and then dry-brushed all the sleepers.

So it is all starting to look good. My partner said that the layout was starting to look like the tracks down at our local station, which I think is just right.

I'm also looking at all the forlorn freight cars that are still awaiting wheels, and I have had a few new cars arrive in the post, which I've not taken out of their boxes because they would just be sitting around gathering dust while I wait of my back order of the rest of the wheels I need.

It all feels like Waiting for Godot.

My mood being driven by work stresses, which appear to be taking a turn for the worse, so motivation come from the pleasure I take from the things I do, and ultimately isn't that what any hobby is all about?

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