Saturday, 28 April 2012

Burnham Yard Progress Update

Four months in from the build start date, or about eight months if you account for the planning and waiting time to have the boards built, this is where the layout has got to.

Showing how Chestnut retail hides the transition from what one sees to the hidden return loop. In the background is a mock-up of West Institute Place Hardware. I'm still procrastinating on how I'm going to assemble the parts in the order that is most pleasing; as in hiding the return loop from sight.

Moving left to right across the layout we see Chestnut Warehouse.

Then we see Locust Shipping, a non-rail served industry, and a mock-up of Walton Street tenements using the Walther's Parkview Terrace kit.

Finally, looking towards West Oak Street showing the RIP track, North Shore Freight House, the hidden team track and switching spur, with the caboose track in front.Of course I've now moved on from here and have started painting the track, and sorting out the track that links across the baseboard joints.

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