Saturday, 12 May 2012

Five Down, Thirteen to Go

A parcel arrived from Caboose Hobbies arrived yesterday. Opened it up to find some Reboxx wheels and ExactRail S2 Barber trucks, which is all well and good. Unfortunately, only a partial order of the wheels with only one packet of 1.030 axles in the parcel. However, I broke them out and immediately sorted them out by length; as they vary across a range of 1.026 to 1.029, so I can have matching length axles in my trucks.

As a result of my efforts I was able to get five cars back onto the layout. As you can see hovering above are my Suydam CNS&M passenger cars, still waiting for Bill to get back to me with the power truck solution.

Included is my caboose with PSC leaf springs in Kadee archbar trucks, and that I have started weathering it too. Got to blacken those leaf springs.


  1. Was that a hint that I should be working on your Suydam trucks instead of stuff that will make me rich and famous? :-)

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    1. Thank you. I try my best and write the kind of blog i want to read, so I'm always pleased when others enjoy it too. I'm not so much into writing a blog for writing a blog sake.