Sunday, 13 May 2012

May & Modelling

Well, by now the sun is usually shining and model making takes a back seat to going out to barbeques and having fun while one can. Today was cold enough to still need a coat, and it is the middle of may for Heavens sake. Oh well, mustn't grumble, could be raining...

Layout work this weekend involved fettling the tracks over the baseboard joins, which is now done in spite of being distracted and accidentally weathering two freight cars. How does one accidentally weather two cars I hear you ask?

Good question.

I was just painting the wheels and axles and thought to myself what if I I paint on some rust and wash it off with thinners? Not yet finished, but I shall show them soon.


  1. Delighted to take a peek at your stunningly-organised workspace. Just think, you could get a very delightful little 0-gauge layout in that space, and without all that complicated pointwork ....
    Best wishes


    1. That I could, or perhaps if I down-scaled to N I could have room to model Pettibone yard instead?

      You slay me :-)