Wednesday, 25 April 2012

CNS&M 420: Converted Observation

I got this a while back off eBay, and just hadn't gotten around to photographing it. It is awaiting the parts from Bill so that the power bogie can be replaced with a new design that will allow the car to have a full interior.

I also think that the poles are a bit average, and will be replaced with one's from Bowser. By the time I have fixed a few loose parts I imagine she will also get a spray over. The decals are less than they could be, as the film is quite apparent when you look a the model close up.

I'll soon have to start thinking about the elevated section of the layout at this rate.

Edit: Corrected title as it was pointed out to me that this is not a converted diner car, but a converted observation trailer car. Either way, a cool looking car.


  1. If the paint is otherwise satisfactory, the decals may respond to Microsol products for settling down better and minimizing the silver look. I have also heard of success with Future floor polish, which will give the sides a slightly shiny appearance, make the decals less conspicious and also make fingerprints less likely to show as a result of handling. Do not use Future on the roof or underbody, which you want to be somewhat used looking. A full repaint and decal may not be in order.

    1. On the other hand, having all the cars match might look better in the long run. I have some Eric Bronsky decals, so I'm good to go, just as soon as Mousa Models get back with the new trucks.