Friday, 20 April 2012

Dead Man's Curve: Part 2

After what feels like weeks, but probably isn't, I managed today to get around to doing all the fiddly wiring repairs and additions to the staging yard that I had been wanting to do for quite some time, which I started in Relaying Dead Man's Curves.

If you compare the shot I took previously then you can see that I have realigned the nearest spur and added a couple of inches to it, which was just enough up the capacity of the interchange track to a full four cars without limiting the size combinations. Both the other spurs had a couple of inches added on the end, which was done to ease the shortness of the spurs and make things slightly easier to switch.

In addition I have added an outer loop to represent both the South Shore and the Roarin' Elgin interchange connections with Burnham yard. As you an see I'm going to have to add a bit more to the baseboard surface at the front, and to be honest  this track layout breaks all the rules for good design, but desperation drove me onwards.

Looking the other way, not a view one will normally see as this track is at the back of the baseboards, you can see the modification to the spur that now transforms it into a live junction for the Roarin' Elgin trains to enter Burnham yard by. Again I have broken all the design rules here, so as they say on childrens TV, don't do this at home without adult supervision.

All in all, including soldering extra droppers in, and fixing the broken ones, this took me five solid hours of work to finish this part of the project.

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