Sunday, 17 June 2012

NCE Power Cab

Last weekend my partner bought me this to replace my Lenz Compact Digital Plus and ESU Mobile Control. I've had the latter two pieces for maybe eight years? I forget when I got them exactly, but a fair while ago as Jeff of Buffers was still alive.

Anyway, I've had my original set-up and have used it a bit over the years, first with my P4 layout Sands End, and now with my current project. For me the problem with the Lenz was that it is extremely limited in its functions and while the ESU corrected those failings, it suffered from a feature I didn't like. Namely the reverse switch was combined with the rotary dial for speed control. One had to push down on the rotary dial to change direction.

I inevitably would rotate the dial at the same time. I hated it.

So, I have admired the NCE units for a long while, and have coveted one for myself. Given the the current layout will only ever have one locomotive (okay a pair in consist mode will be needed) running at a time, I felt that the Power Cab really met my needs. If this proves not to be the case as and when the elevated line is put into place, then I will be able to upgrade it using their SB3 Smart Booster.

Plan is to install it sometime soon so that I can start running trains, especially now as I have 26 freight cars up and running to switch.


  1. Easy. Look and feel. Looks nice to me, where as the Digitrax units don't. The feel of it in my hand is nice too. Reach all the buttons and dial easily with my fingers and thumb. Also, not keen on the Digitrax rotary knobs.

  2. Well had you gone for the Digitrax, you could have talked to the Fremo chaps just across the channel and gotten one or 2 of their FREDs. Spectacular controllers. I bought 5 I liked them so much.
    Just curious.