Friday, 23 March 2012

Operations 4: Generating traffic

I've been thinking whether or not to use waybills, or a switch list, or a combination of both, and I'm still struggling to choose, as both have advantages and disadvantages in use? On one hand, I understand waybills and they can be used to automatically create random consists because they are in effect a pack of cards that you can shuffle. Switch lists however, actually tell you what cars to switch where.

Currently experiment with something called SwitchList, which has crashed on me twice so far, and lost all the data I had entered to boot twice. Not good for any definition of not good in my opinion. So now third time lucky is what I'm thinking, and I've checked out the support group and will report back on my progress in due course.

However, SwitchList does generate trains based on the data one has entered, which is a neat feature. Being able to define yards, cargoes and staging areas as destinations etc. is also very good. As and when the Apple iPod version comes out I think this could be a really handy-dandy thing to use.

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