Wednesday, 21 March 2012

N&W 44324 Box Car: Part 1 When Weathering Goes Wrong

Next up for weathering is a plain N&W box car where I'm going to try and capture that magic moment I missed when recording the covhop.

Here it is all pristine and purrty like straight out of the box.

First off is a light application of Devlan Mud, all over just to make this brown car more brown as Degas would say. All looks a bit patchy at this point.

Followed by Badab Black to add shadows with added bonus runs from an over heavy application. However, during the process of meticulously recording every phase of the transformation process it all went "Pete Tong" (rhyming slang for wrong).  As can be seen below.

After eleven steps of building up a layers of I arrived at the above and I felt that I'd over done the rust.

So I thought I would pull it all together with another Devlan Mud wash, but I was again left with something that was dissatisfying. It wasn't working, and in addition the running boards had started to clog up too.

So I started by cleaning up the running board, using windscreen wash and a stiffish nylon brush.

So here is where I am now, not quite back to square one, but with the dirt pulled back to somewhere I feel I could start from with a reasonable assurance of getting a good result. The big advantage of using an iterative approach with inks for weathering is that one can wash it off.

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