Saturday, 29 October 2011



The genesis of this blog lays in the past when I was posting to the old RMweb forum. However, the old version of RMweb had to be archived and all my threads became locked as a result. To me this seemed like a lot of hard work ended up becoming inaccessible to general readers of the forum.

This event, and my health issues that sprang up at around the same time, meant that I rather fell off the end of the internet-model railway/railroad-world.

So my plan is to reinstate all the stuff I wrote for RMweb as post on my blog here. However, I will also be taking the opportunity to add and revise the various projects as I do so, because even though my modelling has been much reduced over the last three years, I find that I have made stuff that has advanced things along.

I will hopefully be adding new and better pictures where I can, and also doing a step-by-step account of various projects as it takes my fancy. I'm also planning on revisiting the Southern 25t Pillbox brake van project that is up on the CLAG website with a comparison between my original Cambrian kit rebuild, the new Cambrian kit and of course the up and coming Bachmann model due real soon now. Perhaps around Xmas if we are lucky.

And as you can see no two blog entries alike so far...

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