Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weathering Private Owner Mineral Wagons 1

The weathering for these wagons is inspired by Martyn Welch's techniques in The Art of Weathering by Wild Swan, but I take away things that don't work so well in 4mm, and add others that I think work better.

Basically these four wagons are Bachmann PO mineral wagons, which I have just re-wheeled and weathered to taste and adding a real coal load To finish them off in the interim.

Top plank weathered to make it look like it was replaced, painted, but no work done on the lettering. I probably should add a post war patch to the bottom left corner of the body, as all the PO mineral wagons were taken under the care of the Government.

Two versions of the same model here. The one above having coke rails, and the one below does not.

The wagon above is a blag, as all I've done is remove one numeral from the number to renumber it, which given I did absolutely no research on this makes this a fictitious wagon livery. Last, but not least, another coke wagon.

As you can all see I've not replaced the tension lock couplings on any of these yet. This will happen in due course i.e: as and when I can be bothered, or am bothered by them,. However, given that they spent the last three years on my shelf I think this shows how little effort I have put into I prioritising this goal. However, my plan is to replace all the tension locks with Sprat & Winkle couplings in due course.

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