Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Slipping into the New Year

Can you see the problem?

Well this is very much work in progress, and what you see here has some bugs that still need working on.

Oops, I've put that axle  in the  wrong way round.
To answer what it is going in. North Shore Suydam EMU.
I plan to put the chip behind the battery boxes/resistors.

The problem to correct is that the new bogie bolsters are putting the side frames slightly too wide for the axle lengths. Hence the axles drop out of the trucks. However, the motor runs, I just can't show any running of the unit along track at this point in time. So new parts for printing out on order. Gears for a production run are the next project goal, and that looks like February, due to money.

So Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog. Remember patience is a virtue, and virtue is a grace, and Grace is a little girl with dirt on her face. :-)


  1. Thank heavens for little ole Grace. :-)
    Nice looking model, I look forward to seeing it with a full interior and lots of little commuters on their way to work.
    With that little power truck you have no reason not to.

    1. And there I was thinking empty seats with maybe a conductor all on his ownsome.

  2. Amazing, your project! Until now, I vowed to build only car bodies or frames, but I feel that I will be tempted by power trucks ...

  3. Small washers or spacer to ease out the top-hat bearings from the sideframes, thereby holding the wheelset in place. Might that be an option?

    IIRC, Bill Bedford did some etched ones, sized to slip over the shaft of the top hat and rest against the 'brim', and possibly in various thicknesses? Dave at The Engine Shed might know...

  4. Well, another year's coming close to an end. I hope you've
    solved the problem with the bogie bolsters. If not, I hope you're close to solving it.

    I hope Grace - the little girl with dirt on her face is still around. :-)