Saturday, 22 September 2012


Just got back from a very nice day out at the Seaboard Southern's show held at the Holbrook Club in Horsham, Sussex. This was a local all American model railroad show with trade representatives and layouts.

Talked to Nobby, Atlantic Region director about recent NMRA British Region developments and general gossip. Several people came up, hi David, and talked to me about stuff like wheels, CLAG and other stuff. This seemed largely driven by them reading my blog, and asking when the next post would go up?

Well here is another blog. Happy now?

Anyway, I bought a CE&I covered hopper from Intermountain, and two Walthers road sets for the layout too from Terry at LSWR Models, who is lovely. Then I was lucky because my partner bought me some Tam Valley Hex Frog Juicers for our layout from Coastal DCC.  They are very nice people who we bought the NCE PowerCab from, and they did us yet another great deal on our purchase. So highly recommended.

So I really have no excuse now not to get over the hump and have the layout fully operational by wiring these in. However, life has taken a difficult turn at this time. My work contract was not renewed, so I'm sans-job, and having to take time to reassess my goals in life. This takes time, so I expect it will be at least a month before Burnham yard is rolling.


  1. You will not regret using the Tam Valley frog juicers. They are beyond brilliant!
    Chin up on the job front. Think of all the progress you can now make on the layout without that pesky work thing getting in the way. :-)

    1. Ironically though I use model railways as a way of managing work stress, and now I have no work, well I have a lot less stress. This is a good thing, and is making me reassess my work options. I'm sure I'll get my railway mojo back by Xmas though. This is just a set-back that I will overcome.