Saturday 30 December 2017

Russian Scientists

My beloved took this picture about two weeks ago when there was snow in London. Taken because there was snow in London, which is/has become a rare enough event that it's worth marking. It was only after taking this picture did she realize that this is of the rare, as in one of, tube trains with the vinyl advertising achievements of Russian scientists.

There was supposed to be a reciprocal arrangement of British scientist on the Russian Metro, which didn't come to pass. There's an article on the New Scientist site, which unfortunately may well be behind a paywall called, How bumbling British boffins became a standing Russian joke.

Snippet under fair use for review said:
When The Heart of Russia took to the rails in October, the British Council announced that it would be running a similar stunt on the Moscow Metro: a Science Train adorned with images of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday and the like. Part of something called the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education, one of its goals was to improve the reputation of British scientists in Russia.
 Learn something new everyday.

As you can tell from the paucity of blogs, I've been busy doing other stuff.

I now have an SF novel for sale on Amazon called Bad Dog. Two sequels to follow this year.

Having successfully achieved this goal, it has made me wonder whether I should publish my history of the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway. The main bar is the lack of pictures, but an eBook, which reviewed the available historical accounts might be popular, and realistically given the copyright on the pictures, be the only opportunity there is to see all the research I did brought to a wider audience.

That leaves me with only one thing to say, Happy New Year.

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